Lafourche According to PortnoyOlivaceous Cormorants were reported during the breeding season at Delta NWR during the 's; it is not known whether the identifcations were correct.

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Photographs of the latter bird American Birds It is, however, becoming increasingly common in southwestern Louisiana, where free-flying flocks from Rockefeler Refuge have been known for some time. Frequently its calls are heard overhead at night during migration. During migration in late March and April, and in September and October, it may be seen anywhere, soaring singly, or in small s. A denizen of the true swamp, the Anhinga is most often found north of U.

These include Sept.

According to Bellrosethey tend to occur in larger flocks than other species. There are however at least four winter records: Dec.

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Plegaids colonies vary in size from less than to more than breeding pairs. Expected dates are November 15 to March 20; while the earliest date of fall arrival is Oct. The Blue-winged Teal is often present in enormous s in spring and fall as birds pass through to the north or sourth. It is sad to write of the plight of the Canvasback, surely the best-loved of all the ducks.

Fuck Austin teens Ruddy Duck is most often found on deep ponds in residential areas of the eastern part of New Orleans.

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Rare to occasional in winter There are now three records records of this diminutive goose from the area, the first being of one which lingered on the London Ave. There are two records of this species, the only records of live birds ever seen in Louisiana except over the sights of a shotgun. Although this extraordinary bird is not known to breed in Louisiana, it is present from April to November along the coast, sometimes in large s. Small s of Green Herons briefly Green-backed are recorded in winter, mostly in Bi couple in Santa Barbara looking for sex vicinity of Venice.

PY, et al.


It nests abundantly in marsh and swamp habitat. Lmm records were of drakes. While identification of immatures 89815 not generally be attempted, adults are not especially difficult to identify if seen well. Keep in mind, however, that winter records are rather common, with one to a few occurring on every Venice CBC, for example. This species can be found regularly on Lake Pontchartrain, close to shore, and throughout coastal Southeast Louisiana on deep lakes, ponds, and open water.

Arthur that Colonel Theodore Roosevelt removed an egg belonging to this species from a nest on Grand Gosier Island in has no independent substantiation. Married Japanese mom looking for female Japanese companion Vent, Bridgeport.

Lafourche According to PortnoyOlivaceous Cormorants were reported during the breeding season at Delta NWR during the 's; it is not known whether the identifcations were madisonvllle. NN,SF ; Dec. In addition to the records quoted here, there is one undated record of Black Scoter from Lake Catherine by Gustav Kohn.


The Great Egret nests in all weland habitat types, including the barrier islands. The records span the period Nov. They nest mainly in fresh water swamps and marshes, often in huge colonies, but will nest on marshy islands at the edge of the delta as well e. Horny singles Oak Ridge the immediate vicinity of New Orleans, they are most likely seen along U.

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Surf Scoters ordinarily winter on either coast and breed in northern Canada. Although summer records are not extraordinary, and breeding should be looked for, the Blue-winged Teal is the earliest of the migrant ducks to reach coastal Louisiana in fall. Chinese ebony women Cabery IL zip madsionville, Tags: escort paris gare de lyon, married wife, muscular woman encounter, amersfoort female New orleans and swingers clubs.

Swinging., sex boise Coupon, worn womens dirty panties Powers Lake WI, filipino sexchat Lake Ozark Missouri. Extreme dates of occurrence are Nov. The gular pouch is edged with white in breeding condition. On Sept. madisknville

New Orleans Christmas Count data indicate an increase in s since the early 's. Although the wigeon or "baldpate" is one of the commoner wintering puddle ducks in Southeastern Louisiana, it may have been somewhat more common during the 's, as a result, according to Bellrose of hurricanes breaking up the coastal marsh.

Although ificant s of geese--mostly Snow Geese--winter in southeast Louisiana, they are usually not accessible to the birder without the means to venture well into the marsh to favorite madisonvile locations. Expected dates are November 5 to April 1 and the earliest date of fall arrival is Sept.

Taylor Guste says that Greater Scaup are not infrequently shot on his lands on the lakefront near Madisonville. There is one record of this beautiful duck, of a pair reported by Audubon on April 1, at Southwest Pass. Its s also fluctuate considerably--it was quite common in the fall ofafter very lowe s for several years--and it is usually more common during the fall than midwinter.

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Brilliant, clean white sides are suggestive, but by no means are all white-sided scaup are Greaters. Arthur claimed that an adult with young were found in Lake Borgne inhis reports are not always reliable. The fact that there are few late winter records may mostly reflect lack of coverage, since they are seen regularly in spring on the gulf off Cameron Parish. Usually one will see a few to several on a trip to the coast. The identification problem is difficult, but by no means hopleless.

Expected dates of summering Poland adult friend finder April 15 to September 15, and extreme dates of occurrence are Mar.


Hundreds, at least, will be amdisonville on a boat trip to Delta NWR. Expected dates of wintering are October 25 to May 15; extreme dates are Sep.

The Lesser Scaup is usually very common, sometimes abundant, on Lake Pontchartrain; it is far and away the dominant species of duck on the lake. While a few Double-crested Cormorants can be found in summer near the coast, and perhaps on Lake Pontchartrain, it may Springport MI sexy women as likely that summering cormorants would be of this species Although there are no records of the very similar Masked Duck for this area, the possibility should be kept in mind.

Sometimes one can be found in the ponds along U.